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June 17, 2024
Kimmel Center
60 Washington Square SOUTH
New York City

(Updated 6-16-24)

8:45 AM Registration Begins

9:00 AM Doors Open - Coffee & Registration

9:10 AM - Welcome - Jeff Pulver - Founder,

9:15 AM -The Future of AI-What's Coming in the Next Few Years? - Jon Eisenstein - AI Strategy, Product & Transformation Lead, Unlocked Ventures

9:45 AM How AI is Empowering Neurodivergent Brains - Peter Shankman - CEO, Mental Capital Consulting

10:10 AM AI Recaps - Using AI to Capture Conversations - Vincent Paquet - Chief Product Office, Dialpad Inc

10:35 AM - Achieving AI Proficiency- Corporate, Professional and Personal - Jeff Pulver - Founder, & Joe Mazzeo - Partner, Crossfire Consulting

11:00 AM - Morning Break 

11:05 AM

AI Literacy 101 - Joe Mazzeo - Partner, Crossfire Consulting

vCons: Listening to Customers at Scale Thomas McCarthy-Howe - CTO, STROLID


Combining AI and 5G/6G for Superior Edge Computing Akshay Sharma - Chief Technology Evangelist, Accure.AI


Personalization at Scale: Leveraging AI for Targeted Marketing - MJ Carfora - CEO, Siofiv

11:30 AM

AI Literacy 102 - Joe Mazzeo - Partner, Crossfire Consulting

Building and Using AI Voice Agents to Drive New Products and Services - Dan Jenkins - CEO & Co-Founder, Nimble Ape

Effectively Managing Enterprise Communications with AI Jane Laino - President, Dlgby 4 Group Inc & Dan Hughes - President, Sakon

AI For Small Business Gonen Ziv - CRO, Onvego


Using AI to Integrate Video Creation into Operations - Jeremy Toeman - CEO & Founder, Aug X Labs 

12:00 PM

AI Literacy 103 - Joe Mazzeo - Partner, Crossfire Consulting


Navigating the Legal Intricacies of AI Use in Customer Service and Telemarketing - Diana James - Marashlian & Donahue PLLC


Pranks Gone Right: How an AI Telephony Chatbot Ruined My Telemarketer Revenge Jon Gray - Solutions Architect, SignalWire 


Discover how AI and Generative AI Solutions Are Transforming Digital Customer Journeys - OTT Partnerships, Infobip

Using LLMs as the Bridge Between Your Organization's Business Model & the World Your Customers Live In Rob Pickering - AI Developer, Founder, Aplisay

12:30 PM - Lunch Break (onsite for speakers & lunch ticket holders)

1:30 PM -The Impact of AI on the Communications / Cable Industries - Radhika Venkatraman - Senior Advisor, Cerberus Capital Management

1:55 PM -Flipping the Script: Work in the Age of Generative AI - Jim Euchner - Partner, Outside Insight Consulting

2:20 PM - Fireside Chat:  Shift Happens - Introducing Change to Corporate Culture - Jeff Pulver - Founder, & Michael Critelli - Retired CEO, Pitney Bowes & Co-Founder, MoveFlux

2:40 PM - vCons:  AI Data Governance at Scale  - Thomas McCarthy-Howe - CTO, Strolid

3:05 PM - Building AI Applications for the Enterprise - Dmitry Shapiro, CEO 

3:30 PM - Innovative Approaches to Achieving AI Productivity -Jim Euchner - Partner, Outside Insight Consulting Rose Theresa, CTO, MoveFlux

4:00 PM Protecting Enterprises From Deep Fakes - Michael Matias, CEO Clarity & John Checco - Information Security Executive

4:20 PM - AI Proficiency: Developers Thomas McCarthy-Howe - CTO, STROLID Dan Jenkins - CEO & Co-Founder, Nimble Ape Rob Pickering - AI Developer & Founder, Aplisay Ed Guy - RTC Engineering, Bloomberg

4:50 PM - Concluding Remarks - Jeff Pulver - Founder,

5:30 PM - VIP Speaker Dinner (off-site for speakers & dinner ticket holders)

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