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Mike Somers

COO, Beetexting

Drawing upon over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, software development, and business consulting, I am thankful to be part of the founding team at Beetexting where we're passionate about connecting real-time messaging across our customers' value chain. We believe that the mobile opted-in data will become the most valuable data of the next decade. Establishing a persistent relationship thru texting is quickly becoming the most sought after digital connection across industries due to its unparalleled fidelity and the VIP experience it creates for the companies staff and external contacts.

Beetexting is not just a messaging platform; it's a growth catalyst. Companies leveraging Beetexting experience exponential growth in their mobile opted-in data and get a platform with a robust set of tools to leverage that data to drive enterprise value. Users acting on behalf of the company, teams, and themselves as a professional use Beetexting to be easier to work with and build stronger lasting personal relationships at scale. Use cases span the entire organization where ever innovators are looking to enhance workflows that traditionally relied on email.

As the COO of Beetexting, I serve a team of experts in business messaging, revenue operations, and business development. Our mission is to empower organizations to communicate build deeper relationships with less effort. We help our partners introduce their customers' to the power of deeper digital relationships by adding advanced business texting to their product catalogs.

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