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Radhika Venkatraman

Senior Advisor, Cerberus Capital Management

With a deep passion for technology, innovation, and business transformation, I specialize in helping startups, scaleups, and established businesses achieve remarkable transformations, revenue growth, increased profitability, and enhanced customer experiences.


I am recognized for my ability to inspire diverse global teams, foster camaraderie, and consistently deliver high performance. Skilled in managing relationships with senior executives, board members, and regulators, I bring a unique blend of expertise to drive success.
Areas of Expertise:
• Technology & Business Transformation
• Revenue Growth and Profitability
• Customer Experience Enhancement
Private Equity | Executive and Non-Executive Leadership | VC-backed Startups and Private Companies

Investor/Advisor in Writer AI, Fiddler AI, Tornado AI, Quantum Metrics, Bright Speed, InfoVision

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