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June 17, 2024  Kimmel Center  New York City

We're Seeking Speakers with Insights on these Topics:

  • AI's Evolution and Future Prospects: Dive into AI's growth trajectory and future trends.

  • AI in Communication and Cable: Share case studies and strategies from real-world applications.

  • Fostering Corporate AI Literacy: Discuss approaches for educating professionals at all levels.

  • AI Deployment in Business: Offer an overview of AI's current business applications.

  • Predicting AI's Near-Term Impact: Explore forecasts about AI's capabilities and implications.

  • Leveraging AI for Growth: Present innovative strategies for productivity enhancement through AI.

  • AI in Operational Efficiency: Examine how AI streamlines operational processes.

  • AI in Product and Service Management: Introduce innovations in AI-driven products and services.

  • AI's Operational Challenges: Address challenges and solutions in AI operations.

  • AI in Customer Service: Focus on AI applications in call centers.

  • AI in Enterprise Communications: Discuss AI's influence on corporate communication strategies.

  • AI, IT, and Software Development: Delve into the nexus of AI with IT and software realms.


Speaker Applications:

Ideal candidates are AI aficionados with a track record of actionable insights and a zeal for AI's advancement in our industry.


To Apply, Please Submit:

  • A brief biography emphasizing your AI expertise.

  • An abstract of your proposed talk or breakout session.

  • Evidence of past speaking engagements.

Submit your proposals: HERE

Proposal Deadline: March 15th

** PLEASE FORWARD to colleagues / friends who may be interested in speaking **

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