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VON: Evolution

"VON: Evolution -  No Presentations, Just Conversations"
-Dean Bubley, Fall '23 VON: Evolution

AI/COMM - June 17, 2024, NYC
Exploring the Effects of AI on the
Communications and Cable Industry

Welcome to VON: Evolution

Interactive. Collaborative. Cutting Edge. 
Founded by Jeff Pulver, we actively curate events focused on the global Communications Industry. 

In 2024 we will continue exploring the intersection of: Telecom/AI/6G/Blockchain/VoIP. 

Explore the future with us.



AI/COMM - June 17, 2024, NYC

Exploring the Effects of AI on the

Communications and Cable Industry

vCon/COMM  NYC - September 24, 2024

Code, Connect, Converge
– Unleashing the Future of Conversations

Fall '24 VON: Evolution NYC - September 25, 2024

Restoring Trust in the Global Voice

& Messaging Ecosystems

Fall '24 AI/COMM - NYC - October 29-30, 2024

Exploring the Effects of AI
on the Communications and Cable Industry

(Day 1 Training - Day 2 Industry Summit)

Interactive. Collaborative. Cutting edge.

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Creating Connections Through Community

Groundbreaking Global Events

At VON: Evolution events you have the unique opportunity to meet the
change-makers in the Telecom industry as they explore AI, 6G, Blockchain & VoIP.

These are the people responsible for driving changes and launching next-generation solutions. We are bringing together a global community of communication industry disruptors. You not only get to hear from them in person but also network with them during our events.


Collaborative Community

At VON: Evolution we produce both in-person and virtual events.  VON: Club connects our community with networking opportunities before and after events.  

Join our community to keep yourself current with the trends of the industries we connect with.  You will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with experts in Telecom, AI, 6G, Blockchain and VoIP.

Discover the Future of the Communications Industry

The Communications industry is ever-evolving. Changes are occurring almost every day. New technologies. New platforms. New thought leaders. 


Attend VON: Evolution and you’ll hear about the future of the industry in real time, sometimes as it’s happening!

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Learn About Industry Trends


This is your chance to hear about new industry trends live and in person.

Not just from the stage, but in one-on-one and group conversations with our speakers. 

Want to understand the latest trends in your industry and get future perspectives?

We’ve got you covered!

Network With Industry Disruptors

Ever been to a conference where you see a speaker, love their presentation, then never have the opportunity to talk to them directly?  Not at VON: Evolution! 

We designed our event so you not only hear from our industry experts but also have the opportunity to meet with them in person and have meaningful, thought-provoking conversations.


Get involved with VON: Evolution


Sponsor Our Global Events

Our VON: Evolution sponsors are partners in our events, providing opportunities to network directly with industry thought leaders.

We have several levels of sponsorships that include branding through social media channels, newsletters, and podcasts. Contact us to discuss custom sponsorships that are tailored to your needs

Apply to Speak at an Event

Throughout the year, VON: Evolution will have events in the United States and overseas. We are looking for new perspectives from subject matter experts in Telecom, AI, 6G, Blockchain & VoIP.

Share your knowledge with our incredible community!  Apply to Speak Today!

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