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Jim Euchner

A career helping large companies innovate gave me the chance to confront almost every kind of internal resistance. I wrote Lean Startup in Large Organizations: Overcoming Resistance to Innovation to help others overcome the peculiar challenges of innovation in the corporate context. See to order.

The approaches I use foster disciplined learning and rapid learning cycles:

- Onsite Insight with customers
- Crafting and testing a rigorous customer value proposition (CVP)
- Identifying appropriate business model archetypes
- Conducting risk analyses using a Wide Lens methodology
- Developing risk models of new businesses
- Designing and conducting business experiments to reduce risks
- Making Lean Startup work for hybrid products
- Establishing incubation capabilities
- Helping new ventures move from incubation to scale
- Navigating the shoals of innovation in large organizations

My research interests include the transformation of product companies to services-led businesses; effective processes for the incubation and launch of new ventures within large companies; and lean startup methodologies for hybrid physical/digital offerings.

I write and speak frequently about innovation, including customer-centered innovation, business model innovation, user innovation and finding new markets for technologies.

I am also Editor in Chief of Research-Technology Management, a peer-reviewed journal for practitioners of innovation, research and technology management.

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