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FALL '24 VON: Evolution

September 24-26 
Boston Public Library
 Boston, MA

Explore the Convergence of Telecom, AI, 6G & Blockchain

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Join us at Fall '24 VON: Evolution, taking place September 24-26 at the iconic Boston Public Library, where we continue to explore the convergence of Telecom, AI, 6G, and Blockchain

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Leveraging the pivotal insights of Jeff Pulver from our previous sessions, this year’s event will focus on the essential task of restoring trust within the voice and messaging ecosystems.

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New to our agenda are the emerging IETF Protocols vCon and SCITT. These additions promise to revolutionize communication networks by introducing standards and technologies that pave new paths for innovation. Dive deep into discussions about how vCon is reshaping industry norms and practices, setting new benchmarks for future developments.

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The event promises unparalleled opportunities for in-depth discussions, extensive networking, and collaborative learning with pioneers of the industry. Whether you're looking to catch up with long-time colleagues or forge new professional relationships, VON: Evolution is the place to be.

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VON: Evolution — "No Presentations, Just Conversations." - Dean Bubley, Fall '23 VON: Evolution


Our unique approach fosters engaging and interactive dialogues among thought leaders, promoting an exchange of ideas that's as dynamic as the subjects we cover.

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