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FALL '24 VON: Evolution
September 24-26, 2024

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA

(as of May 12th)

September 24 - vCon/COMM


Catch up with two upcoming IETF Protocols - vCon (Virtualized Communications) and SCITT (Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust)


- Introduction to vCon (Virtualized Conversations) - A discussion on the role of vCons in enhancing the interoperability and storage of conversational data across various business environments

- vCon Use Cases - Practical applications and benefits in real-world scenarios


- vCon Demos - Demonstrations showcasing the implementation and advantages of vCon in different communication platforms


- Introduction to SCITT (Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust) - Explaining the fundamentals and importance of SCITT in ensuring the integrity and accountability of software supply chains


- Building applications leveraging vCon and SCITT

September 25th - Fall '24 VON: Evolution

Themes for Fall '24 VON: Evolution


Restoring Trust in Communications:

  • Key Focus: Strategies and technologies enhancing the security and reliability of voice and messaging ecosystems.

  • Description: This theme will explore the latest innovations in securing communication channels, ensuring data integrity and rebuilding consumer trust.  This includes fighting spam messages and phone calls. 


Innovative Communication Technology Protocols:

  • Key Focus: Introduction of cutting-edge protocols such as vCon (Virtualized Conversations) and SCITT (Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust).

  • Description: Delve into how these groundbreaking IETF protocols are set to affect the communications industry, offering new standards to support.


State of the Messaging Industry:

  • Key Focus: Current trends, challenges and innovations in the messaging industry.

  • Description: Conversation cover the latest developments in messaging technologies, explore the rise of new messaging platforms, and discuss the future for: SMS, RCS, iMessage, Whatapp and more.


AI in Enterprise Communications:

  • Key Focus: AI applications improving enterprise communication systems, including automation and AI-driven insights. A look at next generation services created for the Enterprise.

  • Description: Sessions under this theme will highlight how AI is transforming enterprise communications, from enhancing customer interactions to streamlining internal processes.


Regulatory and Policy Landscape:

  • Key Focus: Navigating the FCC 2024 Net Neutrality Order. 

  • Description: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory challenges and policy changes affecting the communications industry.


Blockchain in Telecom:

  • Key Focus: Utilizing blockchain to extend connectivity and create new asset classes within telecommunications.

  • Description: Sessions will discuss the innovative applications of blockchain technology in telecom, highlighting its potential to transform connectivity and data integrity. Applications for both DePIN and SCITT.

Future of Work and AI:

  • Key Focus: How AI is reshaping the workplace and what it means for future work environments.

  • Description: Examine the impact of AI on the future of work, including changes in job roles, workplace efficiency and new business models.


Cloud Communications Evolution:

  • Key Focus: Latest trends and future developments in cloud-based communications. What will drive future growth?

  • Description: Discuss the ongoing evolution of cloud communications, from scalability to integration with other emerging technologies.


Opportunities for 5G, eSIMs, and Connectivity:

  • Key Focus: Revolutionizing connectivity with 5G and eSIM technology.

  • Description: Discuss the benefits of 5G and eSIMs in simplifying global connectivity, enhancing IoT deployments, improving device management, cost savings and flexibility, enhanced security, future-proof connectivity and streamlining the consumer experience.


GSMA Open Network APIs:

  • Key Focus: Leveraging open network APIs to enhance interoperability and innovation.

  • Description: This theme will cover how GSMA Open Gateway APIs facilitate seamless integration between different network services and applications, fostering a more connected and innovative telecommunications ecosystem.


Opportunities with Indoor 5G Wireless and Real Estate:

  • Key Focus: Transforming buildings and real estate with indoor 5G wireless technology.

  • Description: Examine how 5G enhances connectivity within buildings, improves tenant experiences, supports smart building applications, and increases property value. Explore the role of 5G in enabling advanced IoT solutions, energy management, and enhanced security systems within real estate environments.

September 26 - AI/COMM - Basics Training Session (morning only).

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