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Jeremy Toeman

Jeremy Toeman is a seasoned product leader and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in innovating at the intersection of media and technology. As the Founder and CEO of AugX Labs, he is pioneering the use of AI in video creation, making it more accessible to storytellers and content creators worldwide. His career spans significant contributions to the AI and technology landscape, including leading product development for over a dozen innovative products. Through his consultancy, Stage Two, Jeremy transformed concepts into market successes for clients like Dropcam, Boxee, and Sphero, showcasing his ability to apply AI and tech solutions to real-world problems. As an entrepreneur, Jeremy has a proven track record of building and exiting startups, such as Dijit, Legacy Locker, and Mediabolic, to major corporations. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Jeremy's strategic leadership roles at companies like WarnerMedia, Joyn, and Sling Media highlight his capacity to launch key services and achieve substantial user growth.

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