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Michael Critelli

My goal is simple: to have as high an impact as possible in empowering people to manage their health, learning, mobility and access, career wellbeing, and political power. I want to enable them to be valued and included because others recognize and value their diverse life experiences and perspectives.

However, I want to achieve that impact with low visibility. I do not want to be a celebrity, because the burdens of celebrity status reduce the ability to continue to deliver impact. At the same time, I want to be recognized and rewarded by those whose recognition of my contributions matter, because they can help me be successful going forward and do not interfere with my mission. My greatest accomplishments have often happened either behind the scenes or with far greater impact than many people involved with those accomplishments understood at the time.

One rule of thumb about my desired legacy and impact is the concept borrowed from Native Americans, the 7th generation principle. I would like my work to be having an impact for good 175-200 years from now.

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