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Michael Matias

I’m infinitely curious for technological superevolutions and integration with society. I aspire to work on the most challenging tasks which have a positive impact on the world.

Today I’m the CEO of Clarity. We’re tackling the media integrity gap that’s forming at unprecedented speeds.

In July 2022 I began a “personal manifesto” (in other words, a few paragraphs about my aspirations and personal vision). I revisit and update it every few months, and is always a good reminder.

What I did before Clarity:
- I invested in early stage startups, from pre-seed to Series B. 70+ angel investments, and actively invested as a Venture Partner in VC funds.

- Researched emerging technologies and built thesis around them with Stanford and Innovation Endeavors. My last thesis was on the emergence of Generative AI deepfakes, which led to founding Clarity.

- My platform The Matias Experiment is a platform that allowed me to get exposed to many domains that I would otherwise not have time to research. With more than 1000 episodes, I absolutely love the format.

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